Yarn and Kool-Aid® à la carte — choose your own colors!

wool skeinOur no-frills option for those intrigued with the idea of dyeing yarn but no interest in learning to use it for crochet. We’ll send you a skein of yarn and six packages of Kool-Aid® in the flavors/colors you choose.

We find six packages is usually the right number to use with each skein of our yarn to achieve rich, bright colors. Because unsweetened Kool-Aid is not always available and certain colors are difficult to find, we try to keep a stock of the colors we’ve had the most success with as a convenience for busy people who just want to play with our yarn. We also offer the option of buying only the yarn to use as you wish.

Our yarn is 100% Natural Corriedale wool imported from Uruguay – approx 50 grams/65 yards. Gently hand wash and dry flat. It’s great for felting!

Order Yarn and Kool-Aid® -- choose your own colors! Select total of six packs of Kool-Aid® (above) for each skein of yarn (below)
Price per item includes shipping: £12.00