Winding the yarn into a ball


After your yarn is dyed  you must wind it into a ball. This sounds easy but it’s really quite tricky and can be a mess if you try to cut corners.

hand method

This is where a friend comes in handy. Drape the hank around your friend’s hands and have him spread them apart so the yarn is taught. Cut the white ties and the knot that is holding the two ends together. Starting with one end, slowly pull the yarn off the hank working your way around your friend’s hands. He will probably move his hands from side to side to help but he should keep them apart so you can’t pull the whole hank off at once.

knee method

If you want to go it alone, try sitting Indian style with the yarn around your knees. If you are able to position yourself so the yarn is tight, cut the white ties and the knot and begin winding the yarn into a ball carefully unwinding the yarn from around your knees as you go.

swift chairAnother method that is a little more foolproof is to place two straight chairs back to back and slip the yarn over both backs. Move them apart to tighten the yarn between them Cut the ties and knot and begin winding a ball walking around and around the chairs as you go.

If you make a mistake and your yarn starts looking like a pile of Raman noodles, don’t panic. Get comfortable and prepare to untangle the mess. Keep the pile loose and try to straighten out the knotted places. Don’t pull hard or you’ll make tiny knots that are hard to untie.

Sometimes finding the other end and working backwards works better. If you end up with two balls, wind the little one onto the big one.

Finally, you’re ready to crochet!