Dyeing Yarn with Kool-Aid®

Dyeing yarn is a slow process. If you hurry it along, you’ll probably mess it up so take your time and use your imagination. The time between the busy, messy parts can be used to learn a few crochet basics so you’ll be


Flavors that make yummy yarn

The first known use of dye in food dates back as far as 1500 BC when early Egyptians are thought to have used natural extracts to improve the appearance of candy and wine. The use of dye to make food more appealing increased


The Yarn Play Maker Bag

Here’s an activity kit for all ages that’s both educational and fun! We’ve gathered everything needed to dye a skein of natural wool at home including disposable gloves and detailed instructions. Each bag contains only Kool-Aid® flavors containing food dye colors that


Natural dyeing with tea

Bright colors are happy and cheerful and creating them is incredibly fun but there are times when the delicate texture and fine details of a fabric would be lost behind even a splash of color. Neutral hues enhance intricate stitch


Jump start crochet

Forget Grandma’s doilies! Think lacy shawls, airy tops and sturdy beach bags. Crochet may be the most misunderstood of needle arts! At first glance it looks difficult and time consuming, but, truth be told, you already know basic crochet. If you’ve


Yarn Play Store

Dye  it yourself! Our Maker Bags each contain 50 grams of 100% natural Corriedale imported wool yarn and enough Kool-Aid® to hand-dye a stunning skein of yarn. We include only flavors that contain colors that blend and compliment each other so you